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Alice Guan

Full Stack Developer

Hello! I am Alice Guan. I am a Web Developer that is obsessed with clean aesthetics and creating beautiful & functional code.

Here are some things I've done


SpotiFriend is a MEAN stack app created for my final project as part of the Ironhack Coding Bootcamp.

This application allows users to search within a 25 mile radius for people who have similar music tastes. SpotiFriend uses a user's saved songs on Spotify to match users based on compatibility.

Go Wander

Go Wander is an app created with MongoDB, Express, and NodeJS.

This application allows users to document their travel by plotting their locations with the Google Maps API and sharing it with others.

Triwizard Maze

Triwizard Maze is a game based off of Harry Potter using HTML5, CSS, and Vanilla JavaScript.

A simple maze game with the goal of getting the Triwizard Cup in the middle of a maze. Uses HTML5 Canvas.