How to build an email list before launch

    By allowing them to become invested in the process of creation, you’re providing enormous value to your audience during the pre-launch period and after the product is released. Get-ExchangeServer | Format-List Name,Edition,AdminDisplayVersion The Workplace Launch Kit has customizable assets such as posters you can use to build excitement before your launch, during and after you launch Workplace. As a blogger, you’ll have heard the advice a hundred times before. Ready to open your online store? With all the excitement for the official launch, it’s important that you take time to map out your plan. I wrote up a list of 5 things I wish I knew before launching Lookalu’s crowdfunding campaign. One week prior to beta testing. The Complete Guide to Launching on Product Hunt. 6 Aug 2019 Since LaunchBoom's inception in 2015, building a highly qualified pre-launch email list was a key part of our launch strategy. The tasks. Encourage people to visit the pre-launch page and subscribe for email updates. Thanks for stopping by to check out my Product Launch Formula Review. 4. Most times this leads to a Do it even before writing one line of code! The earlier you get your pre-launch page up and running, the better. Launch and THEN send out press releases and emails – NOT BEFORE! b. Building tension before you launch your new product is the best way to trigger the customers’ desire to purchase it. Download the launch kit here; Build your plan on what work will move to Workplace on launch day. There are many benefits to obtaining 501(c)(3) status through Ministry Launch: Exemption from federal income tax Build an email list or outreach list before your podcast launches. Just work through them and hopefully, nothing out of your control happens when launch day comes. It sounds simple and obvious, but in my most recent launch of The Pinterest Lab, we were shocked at what a simple email produced in terms of sales. You want to build excitement and interest in your If this is the last email you plan on sending before you launch your course, By now, your email list should view you as  Read this post to learn how to build an email list for your online store (incl. Here are four stories from entrepreneurs who completely blow the doors off the myth that giant lists are the only way to run successful launches. In this article, we have prepared a handy checklist of things you should do before launching a WordPress I have a list of 10 tips for Post Launch that I’m not sure what I’ll do with just yet – but they’re equally important to ensuring your project accomplishes your goals and helps you maintain sanity. This campaign was broken into three phases: A – Build a waiting list prior to the launch. Create a little buzz or create a lot of buzz, either way, just make sure your email list, Instagram followers, blog readers or Youtube channel viewers know you’re about to launch something cool into the world. Ready? Let’s roll. Before you launch, try to have at least 3-5 posts drafted, edited, and scheduled to be released after your launch date. This is your first big website decision: what platform will you build on? Yes, you have options. The possibilities are endless. Once you launch, you can offer them special pricing, priority support, additional resources for free if they tweet about your launch, etc. ), and are particularly common in the health, fitness and business niches. Step 1: Build an Email List. Learn now how to take advantage of your email list. A strategy can help remove fear and doubt before launch day. Pick a launch date. vs. to visit your blog before getting access to whatever you have to offer. Email outreach is a powerful way to build early momentum for your Indiegogo campaign. Email 0: Find the Most Interested Contacts on Your List with a Trigger Link . 1. Before you press send, make sure that what you're saying is something your  11 Jun 2019 Without an email list, that page just sits there until you start ranking for before you start driving enough traffic to make any real revenue from it. json files are located in a hidden folder called . Your subscribers are the lifeblood of your email marketing. Run a contest or giveaway and have entrants include their emails at sign-up Send an update to your mailing list. 0 by Anthony Morrison. Why you should segment your email list. Even go so far as create an automated drip email campaign, so that you’re sending one - two at most - emails per week in the build-up to the launch. How to build a pre-launch email list that is 30x more likely to buy. What follows is an important guide to the fundamentals of how to build your email list today. Here’s our 5-step plan to assist you. Planning the ultimate launch for my new course. There are lots of ways to build permission and trust. 26 Apr 2019 Before you start out on the journey of building an email list, you need to think about who your potential subscribers will be. To keep things simple, I’m giving you an example of a book launch that covers 12 days. The big day has come, but you're busy looking for the best email marketing solution? Imagine people have started visiting your website and signing up, but they are not getting any response because you completely forgot about it! Here are the things I'd recommend setting up before the launch: Enable conversion tracking in Google Analytics. You’ll grow your list as you begin generating sales, but why wait? There are steps you can take today to start building your email list before you even sell your first product. Therefore, it’s important to collect emails of people who you think might be interested in your idea when preparing for your launch. Email is easily the cheapest way you can get through to relevant audiences and market your product launch to them. Include content and feature release updates in those emails, which could also introduce people to the onboarding process for when they start using the product. Many of these ESPs offer a free trial or freemium model based on list size so you can decide which one is right for you. These . json and launch. . Build Email Lists. Usually, content marketing is associated with boosting leads. Will the benefits of building an email list work for YOUR business? But here's a good way to start thinking about it, instead: If you ever find It's happened to me before: I become obsessed with a particular little coffee shop, and make it a part  8 Sep 2016 Read this comprehensive guide on how to build email lists – Content Use active language – “give me access” or “start discovering today. It’s also great to already have a post or a few posts that are up when you launch so that the traffic you’ve driven to your site based around the launch will also drive clicks to your existing blog posts. Is a blog necessary? Let me put it this way: A blog is NOT necessary, but an email list IS… and a blog is the most common and often the best way to build an email list. Building an audience before you even have a product is critical. The hope is that you can build a little army that will later help you get the word out when you launch. ) Jenna’s walkthrough of how to do this made everything really simple, straightforward and easy to follow. Or, you may have just started off with only your social Leverage the power of email campaigns to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign. The reason I like this email is because it changes from a sales type email into a community build style funnel. Despite social media being the new frontier of marketing, email marketing still drives the highest return on investment, delivering an average of $38 in revenue per $1 spent, according to Campaign Monitor. Some authors even source  23 Oct 2019 Learn to build your email list from scratch! Start a new campaign; Create a design; Make it your own; Send a test; Send! Check the stats! 15 Aug 2018 Learn of services that allow you to start an email list for free. Before we dive into the tactics to grow your email list, we first need to cover the importance of having a landing page. The steps listed below are the same steps I took immediately after I got that email: Email your list of subscribers. Another option is to use a self-service tool, which are very intuitive and often provide free support and tutorials to guide you through your first campaign set up. If you want to be one of the first to try the promising flavor, you need to sign up to Build Fast Formula’s email list. 99 or higher after the launch. Many authors dream of the book launch party: Champagne, toasts to the literary genius and crowds of eager readers buying hundreds of books. Build your list before you build your product The goal here is to build up a list of people with whom the video resonated. Customers flood to your website. We recommend moving all email list communications to Workplace groups exclusively. You need to   Our top 7 strategies for growing your email marketing list and keeping your Setting expectations from the very beginning will foster a healthy start to your new . Email newsletters NASA tells Boeing to build more 14 May 2018 Need to build an email list before your big launch, but you don't have a website? No problem! Here are five powerful ways to build your list. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your launch won’t be either. A quick caveat before we get started: We're not just talking about any old subscribers here. What is a product launch email sequence? A product launch email sequence is a series of time-based emails automatically sent to people on your email list. When people sign up to your project by giving you their email address, they are sent a confirmation email by Launchrock, so that your email list is kept as pure as possible. And in this article on Hubspot, Noah Kagan talks about his experience with Mint. Email stays a helpful, powerful approach to  28 Feb 2019 You might be looking to launch something in the next few months or you might want to build your email list. Create an opt-in form with an enticing incentive. Many people create products based on what they think their audience wants. It can help you deliver the right message to the right audience. So today, we are going to focus on the pre-launch checklists that will save your email campaign from the catastrophe. So before you start writing your task is to pick a specific topic or niche. In this article, though, I'm digging deep into the definition of the word and highlighting a completely different approach. Steps to take before launching your amazing product launch email With regards to email marketing you will need to think two steps ahead. If your email list Well before your official launch, you need to begin getting people signed up to your email list. If you've got a product idea, make it work for you before it ever  18 Feb 2018 What to send your list before, during, and after your launch slide their hand over their wallet and attempt not to make eye contact. In analyzing the websites and techniques of some of these awesome email list builders, a certain formula started to emerge. Once you’ve got a sizable list, start segmenting. Once you’re all set up with awesome content (or even before you launch!) make it super easy for readers to join your newsletter. It can just be a list of your current fans or even friends who have expressed interest in your product. 22 Jun 2015 In this post, I'm going to be highlighting a few ways that you can build up your email list prior to the launch of your Kickstarter campaign, which  18 Jan 2019 Learn our battle-proven email list–building strategy for getting your you can find yourself four-, five-, even six-figure launch weeks. While the Pro version does offer several helpful features, I’m going to use the free version for this post because I want to make this guide as accessible as possible. Don’t launch a podcast or YouTube show. 10 Ways to Supercharge Your Email List Brand, Build & Launch Challenge: Getting Started Brand Spotlight: Shari Neal Williams and Bon Bon Vie Apparel Five Lies People Tell Themselves Which Prevent Them From Launching An Online Shop Has anyone used Facebook ads to build an email list before launch? Or do you know of any campaigns that have? I am writing an article on pre, during, and post funding with Facebook ads. If not, we suggest you start to collect potential customer's email address before you even launch. Why Build an Email List for Launching a Product? The secret to preparing for a course launch through your email list is segmentation. Pre-Launch. Some readers may not have preordered, since they prefer the instant gratification of buying and receiving the book right away. Their feedback also helped us build a better product (critical!). I was getting lost in all the resources available to bloggers, how to build an email list, and how to monetize, but McKinzie broke it all down so I knew exactly what I needed to do. Grab a chair, sit back, relax and watch us release the floodgates. Send more than one email. This is by far better than all of the promo sites combined. With Ministry Launch, it has never been easier to obtain tax-exempt status. To recap, here are the best ways to build an email list without a website: Host a Before you launch your book, you'll want to learn how to build your email list. So if you own one, then the rewards can be your own products and coupons. One of the most important things to do before you launch your product is to start generating an email list of potential leads. This beta launch signup webpage was available for months prior to their official launch. Validating your product idea is crucial to launching successfully. Content marketing is much more in-depth and can contain a great deal of information that more traditional advertisements like banners simply can’t handle. To be honest, I didn’t put very much energy into using affiliates for this launch and definitely plan to up my game for next time. PLUS! If you're preparing for an upcoming product launch, there's nothing more valuable than building a pre-launch mailing list. "I'm celebrating because I posted my first couple of Facebook Ads last night and I converted [made a sale + got a lead added to my email list] for the first time ever within 5 hours!!!!! You got to understand that before this Marketing Accelerator I spent a little of $1000 on ads and NEVER convertedno money, no leads, nothing! About 3-6 months before the product is going to launch you want to create “buzz”, this is easier said than done, but the primary goal is to get a list of people, usually an email list, that are ready to purchase your product as soon as it goes live. Choose an email service provider, and create a subscription list. Here are the facts: * 81% of US online shoppers are more likely to make additional purchases, either online or in a store, as a result of emails based on previous shopping behaviors and preferences. Why email? Well, social media is great for sparking conversations, and we’ll cover that in Step 2, but we’re starting with email because it’s by far the best way to keep people engaged and convert them into customers. 1 | Landing page. 99), promoting it heavily for five to seven days. Put yourself in the shoes of someone that’s been on your email list for 4 months before you launch: They’ve probably read 10–20 pieces of content you’ve created It’s possible that the more preorders you get, the bigger your print run, and the more marketing resources your publisher will dedicate to your book — and you might even hit a bestseller list during launch week. Provide Updates via Email. They ask In this highly informative video tutorial, crowdfunding expert Eli Regalado walks you through the necessary steps of setting up and optimizing a Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other type of crowdfunding pre-launch page and how to exponentially grow your email list in just a few minutes. This is where your launch checklist comes in, usually as part of your release plan. Email marketing begins on campaign 4 weeks prior to launch. It is an essential component to building your blog’s traffic. Once you have set up a launch page, you can also submit your startup to Betalist, a community of beta testers. Last week, I was working with a group of my clients who are building their course launch plans. This spike causes your campaign to rise the ranks, which puts you in front of hundreds of thousands of more potential backers. -Oh yeah, during the launch of Trust Me I'm Lying, I found out that  29 Jul 2013 Before the launch of his first book, The App Design Handbook, Nathan began building his email list in order to gather people interested in  11 May 2016 How Big Does Your Email List Really Need to Be for You to Make More Money? clients one-on-one before you jump to developing larger-scale programs or 1–5% of your list will buy what you're selling when you launch it,  7 Jan 2015 With MailChimp, you can start to build an email list for free. Your email list is the best way to keep your audience up to date. It’s like renting an apartment: How to build a pre-launch email list that is 30x more likely to buy How to build a pre-launch email list that is 30x more likely to buy Since LaunchBoom’s inception at the beginning of 2016, building a highly qualified pre-launch email list was a key part of our launch… Make no mistakes, email provides the most direct communication with your target audience. Most of those who received the launch email decided the day before whether to buy. Use email marketing and build your email list. Why Every WordPress Site Should Start with a Coming Soon Page on the waiting list before the site goes live. You didn’t build pre-launch buzz. One way to build a relationship with your target audience is through shareable content. If you’re unsure, you may want to read our guide on why you need to build an email list RIGHT NOW! This is a long and detailed guide, so we’ve broken it down into different sections you can get to using the links in the Table of Contents below. A product launch email sequence that builds anticipation will get people excited — and get you better results on launch day. Build an email list – We know, it’s obvious, right? But while you can continue building your email list once you launch your online course email sequence, you CAMPAIGN LAUNCH. Build a following before you launch. (And I’m likely one of their target markets. Moving on, the List Launch Pro is an online done for you system where you would have to just follow a few steps before you can get started with making money online. I’ve done this over and over with software, books, and even a conference. Most campaigns that eventually hit their goal have strong launches, and the best way to launch with momentum is by sharing your campaign with a strong email list. When it comes to building a huge newsletter audience, you need to do more than create an awesome newsletter. Unsurprisingly, many online retailers build as much anticipation before the big day. 2. Before you launch, you'll want to carefully consider how and where you can offer something in exchange for permission to build an email list. A landing page is the image of your product to the world. Are you ready to launch your WordPress site? Each day thousands of new sites appear on the web. 27 Apr 2019 You don't always need a website to build an email list (and make money from it). But whenever I ask, people say it’s basically impossible to build a mailing list without a published book. Not sure whether you should be building an email list? We've got a few reasons why they're absolutely necessary to your blog or business. Kaylee | The Word of the Wild The brand plans on dropping its mysterious FullBlitz flavor around the middle of next month. Register your domain. We knew we had a great product, but there was one challenge: we needed to somehow grow an email list from scratch in a few months so that we had an audience to launch our Kickstarter to. If you've read anything about online marketing, you know that your email list should be the backbone of your business. If you build your contact list properly, with addresses of people truly interested in receiving messages form your brand – your email list becomes an elite club. Always add a contact and opt-in feature to collect page visitors emails. It’s your mailing list that allows you to promote your content, sell products, and launch new projects. Email them on launch day to let them know your podcast is online; Email them the links to future episodes as they are published; Ask them to download, subscribe, rate and review the show (if they like it) Before every product launch I fear this one will be the product launch that fails. 17 Sep 2019 And while it's never 'too late' to start building a list of the people Before we start, you should know that building an email list can take time. Build your own audience – If you don’t have your own audience lined up, you could build one. Continue reading “Inbox Blueprint 2. Create an email campaign, inviting Use a simple landing page to promote your app prior to launch, and capture potential users’ contact info in a waiting list for your launch announcement. If you build a segment of subscribers, also referred to as “leads,” and send a series of targeted emails to that segment before you launch, you’ll have a much higher chance at achieving the results you want to see. So the question becomes, if not a blog, then what? Some authors draw cartoons, others just do a newsletter, another might share a new poem each week. Your goal before the launch is to get people talking about the product, and that means you need to be talking about the product. Whether it’s… READ MORE Now, it’s time to test this thing you want to make before you actually create it, and to do that, you need people. ) Planning an email marketing campaign is one of those cases. Our final email sent one week after the initial launch day basically asks for feedback and case studies. For this reason, you should begin building your email list before you launch a business website. But if I was huge on Instagram, I’d focus my launch efforts on that platform. Getting updates about product launches;; Claiming a discount code;; Getting . Email your list (if you have one). if you don’t, BUILD one. Hopefully my experience can help  21 Dec 2018 If I can eliminate some of the guesswork before I start a new marketing Geoff Roberts says, “The best email list building strategies really boil  21 Dec 2018 Before you begin building an email list, it's helpful to have an idea of who You can start simple and inexpensive with a service like Mailchimp. We mentioned that having a strong email list is one of two key components to launching a successful crowdfunding campaign. “Build it and they will come” does not apply here. Or at least, that’s what most people expect to happen. You will hopefully be working with a reasonably-sized list at this point, but your strategy will depend on how large it is and how many of them you think you can convert into sales. I talk at length about how to do this effectively on this blog and in my book, The Kickstarter Launch Formula. Use your email list to build awareness around launch date, getting others (besides yourself) excited about the podcast and all of the incredible content that is yet to come. It’s critical though to capture email addresses and build your email list. Click here to learn more. When most people think of their product launch plan, they think in terms of the first definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary: Launch: to throw forward, hurl. 3. Launch Party: Dates of your Online Launch Party: Open: Close: Build your Guest List Select your Launch Party Dates Invite your Guests Select one (approx 1 week prior): postcard invitations email Party reminders (1 to 2 days before): email phone call text message Things to Know Before Your Party Sales tax rate in your area To whom checks should Once you’ve created an outline for your product launch emails, it’s time to create your email sequence and segment your list accordingly. Before you can start building your email list you need to build up and  10 Jul 2018 Lean how to build and grow your email marketing list. Tip #4: Create Weekly “Behind the Scenes” Videos. Your pre-launch landing page will also get you started on building your mailing list, as well as social media network. Another option is to do a beta test before your product launch, which is something they can before you officially launch the product. How do you know how many giveaways? What To Do Before Launching A Brand New Product . Making money blogging relies on three things—a content marketing strategy, quality are now subscribers) in the form of free content before asking them to buy. If you don’t, this article is for you. Also, if you’re in pre-launch, want to just build an amazing referral program, this is a thing for you. 24. vs in the root folder of your codebase. However, you can use this strategy to solidify your product launch process as well. Successful campaigns start with an email list. 1 | Validate your product with your audience. You’re on the right page if you know you need to start an email list, and you want to get it done the right way—and fast. Read on for the most effective and creative ways to build your email list. You’ve crafted a beautiful design, optimized all your images, proofread everything and you’re almost ready to launch. Stock trading app Robinhood burst on the scene with nearly 1 million users by creating a huge waitlist before launch. We had never emailed my entire list about this product before and had only reached out to the segment of my list that had opted in for Pinterest related material. 16. It’s a way of letting ourselves off the hook. But most crowdfunding creators don’t have that. Build your email list. The table in this section provides build numbers and general release dates for each version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2019. Not only will this help build that powerful connection between you and you patrons, but it will intrigue more fans to follow the hype. At this point—although my list had grown significantly—I still hadn’t made any money from my email list, mainly because I’d only ever offered a free email course. Work backwards from a goal. Alexa will be debuting in September, and the news report was published in July. The pre-launch email list is how we get our clients funded in the first 24 hours (which we call having a “LaunchBoom”). I’ve been getting a lot of questions in terms of content and design and what types of things you should have ready before you launch your blog. Next, you can go for what we like to call, the soft launch. After this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll have an email list up and running, an autoresponder sequence laid out and ready to go, and even learn some more advanced stuff that’ll help you stand out from your competitors, too. 27 Jul 2018 That's why you have to build up your email list to be a moneymaker for Before you send out any emails, you have to figure out why you're  6 Dec 2018 Whether you need to know how to build an email list from scratch or are . How To Build Anticipation For Your Launch; Email Marketing & Launch Day; Further Reading; Set Up Your Email List And Service Provider. Get an email list early. Build a pre-launch landing page. 5 Apr 2019 And to make that launch successful, she knew an email list would be key. Building permission is the single most impactful thing you can do before any crowdfunding project. Secure your website. Build Interest Before Your Launch. Share sneak peeks of your content, what you are working on behind the scenes. Have a little pre-launch party get together with other podcasters, share your excitement about feature guests, and really build up the anticipation for the launch. Flash forward to 2017 and we started experimenting with a change to our pre-launch strategy How To Grow An Email List Before Launching An Online Shop . Whether through Twitter cards, landing pages, or comparable tools, you need to capture addresses and grow your list. Try your own ideas – just keep in mind that this is the time in your prelaunch to excite, entice, and keep your launch top of mind. Product Launch Formula 2020 Bonuses: BONUS#1: Jeff’s complete “Launching Your List” video training course that shows you how to grow an email list of people hungry for what you offer. It’s normal to have issues, even when we try to plan for them. To get on Build Fast Formula’s email list, simply visit the subscription page on its website and submit your email address. The Interest List email can also be used to build anticipation with your readers as well as identify the people who are interested to learn more about your launch right off the bat. Email marketing is powerful, but possibly more importantly it appeals to a broader audience. The idea behind building their email list was How to do a marketing launch. Make a plan and get A website can help you build up a fan base, connect with potential players, and even press. user to take two or more actions to subscribe before the confirmation email arrives. To prepare for a launch, you’ll need to create a launch plan. How to get 6,000 customer signups before you launch. With some pre-sales under your belt and a firm deadline for launch, it’s time to plan your email strategy. Beta Testing. Phase A: Build a Pre-Launch Waiting List. Firstly, you will need to organically build an email list through your website with pop ups, forms or even social media advertising that’s targeted to people that will be interested to your new product. Before you build a website or set up a professional email address, you’ll need to register a domain name. Before you start, make sure you're the type of business that can  Want to know how to build an email list without a website yet? In this blog post, I share five effortless ways. (Permission) Here’s how I use this blog: I post a new article (such as this one) on my blog. Regardless, I’m sure you have a list and it’s just a matter of tracking it down. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about pre-launching an online course, including what you should do before the pre-launch, why growing your email list is critical for a successful launch, and how to design stunning landing pages to attract signups. Create a Pre-Launch Page or Website Before you even think about creating a crowdfunding campaign you should be thinking about growth. The 30-day Launch Campaign lets us know if there is a viable market for the Forge Clear Ice System. If you haven't worked on building your email list, or you've run out of ideas, here are 10 simple ways to get started. Install on Easystore is free of charges. This is also a great way to get a handful of patrons before your official launch. What I like: Overall, I like this landing page design. Although you need a long email list to leverage this tactic, it works if it’s done right. Let’s start by looking at what it takes to start building an email list for your app. R2A. So whenever we launch something new, the answer to this question is simple: “We’re going to launch to our email list”. Set up social media accounts. Our team would see the order and then email the customer soliciting a photo of their child. How do you build a list before you publish your first book? Most marketing advice says to build a mailing list and market as early as possible, well before your book’s launch if you can. This plan should include the development and testing of your MVP after you’ve successfully validated your idea. Right before launching your website, take care to install a suitable backup solution and test it before you hit the launch button. Thinking back to Willy Wonka’s quote, the difference between dreaming and making sweet music in this wonderful world of business is to have a solid new product launch strategy, so below I’ve outlined five steps to take before a new product launch. In general, you should be thinking about growth before you even launch your product. 5 days ago 10 STEPS GUIDE TO START AN EMAIL LIST Before you start sending out random notes or shout out stuff you want to promote to your  14 Jun 2017 One of the most effective ways to ensure a successful campaign is to build an email list before you launch. Set up an email calendar. There are actually two sides to this, and both equally important. A fun way to begin marketing your book six months before launch is to share the cover with your readers. In this post, I’m going to show you what most articles don’t—practical steps for actually creating and implementing a sales funnel so finding customers no longer feels like pulling teeth. Pre-Launch Pages are a great way for you to spread the word about your idea while you're working on your campaign. If you’re like me, when you started your first business or online endeavor, you Googled [how to build a website] and went from there. Thankfully, it’s not as difficult as you might think to build an email list. Create a buyer persona. Your one page website will include a way for your audience to join your email list. Launch your product presale. Since LaunchBoom’s inception in 2015, building a highly qualified pre-launch email list was a key part of our launch strategy. Email still works. What people tend to overlook is the amount of effort it takes to start building buzz before your launch a product or company. In essence, an email marketing campaign pre-launch process has three main parts to monitor. Try adding these emails to start getting more feedback on your product before launching, build your relationships, anticipation and of course, get more sales. Let’s do this… First – WHY Build An Email List? Having an email list is about much more than future monetization plans. In the beginning, all you are armed with is an idea, your creativity, and the internet. You may have heard that a strong email list is one of  27 Nov 2018 Knowing how to build an email list in 2019 is crucial to the success of any Everything you need to start and grow an email list this year! . Building segmented and targeted email lists is the best way to Your brand can become a name people look forward to if you design and put out your pre-launch landing pages in the correct manner. Thanks Sidar for the request. com and how he started building his pre-launch list 9 months before launch. Pin a post to the top of the page asking fans to add themselves to the early-access list. This is an extremely important point! Build your affiliate network before you even start planning to launch products. We created a landing page for William Painter’s The Empire to build up a huge email list before we launched. Similarly, you really should take security seriously from the very beginning. If places like Udemy value emails so highly that they won’t share them, maybe we should value them too? The great thing about email is that you have a list of people who are already engaged with you. Build your presence on social media so you will have a group of loyal followers before you even launch your blog! One to two weeks before your launch make your blog reveal feel like a big event. Hosting is where your site lives on the internet. Their clever marketing strategy included an email lead generating landing page. This is simply another problem that needs to be solved. WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE? Approximately four hours of video content that covers everything from choosing your business model, to what you need to do before you start offering your services to clients, to how to start getting those clients in the door, to the tools and workflows you need to run an e-design business well. As you’re building the email list, you don’t want to just drop your first email on Campaign Launch Day. Again and again, I hear from entrepreneurs and founders „we do not need marketing yet, we are still working on our product“. SumoMe is a wordpress plugin created by Noah Kagan (the guy who wrote the popular Location 180 article about workcations ) and it absolutely crushes when it comes to increasing email signups. Before you waste too much time designing some fancy template . This pre-launch email list helped us raise $60,129 on the first day of the campaign. If you’re an ecommerce business and want to improve your email marketing efforts, here are 10 proven strategies to supercharge your email list. The list launch pro is about email marketing and the owners would help you make an email list that would be highly convertible. ) In other words: Assuming you need a Goliath-sized list before you run a successful product launch is a textbook flippant belief. Before you try to sell anything, you need to determine your target audience. Record 3-5 podcast episodes before you launch. One of the most common ways to build good lists is to offer whitepaper, e-book, video or other exclusive content piece for download/access to those who enter an email address. People on a wait list have to… wait. Having an email list is key to getting  But when you combine email list building with growth hacking, you not only become a Who say you need a big email list before you can start making money? 28 May 2018 User signs up to email list on the landing page. Effective email marketing starts with a targeted list. You should be thinking about growth before you even launch your product. Leverage your network. For those that dont know me, It’s important to know one thing: I NEVER review a product unless I actually get it, take the time to go through it, and make sure it works and delivers on what it promises. Be ready to curate, tweet, facebook, and lose sleep. For example, we have an email list of 100k+ subscribers. It contains the things you should check before you send out your email campaigns. BONUS#2: The full-blown “Product Creation Code” video training course that shows you how to create an online training program that people will pay you for. But first we wanted to build a customer Yes. Facebook Acquisition: If you’re looking to build your email donor list, Facebook is a great way to quickly build your list at a relatively low-cost. With our qualified email list ready, we always hit your campaign goal in the first 24 to 48 hours. So instead of reading every single method and trying to figure out where to start: . Email 8. It's how you gather a group of people interested in your course topic. Launch a Facebook "like my page 4. Choose a Platform. How to announce your book with an e-mail blast marketing information in the “Build Book Buzz” e-mail newsletter. How? They had a simple signup landing page with an email capture for a “beta” launch. Create a “Coming Soon” page on your site where you can direct people For example, a full-price novel at $4. If you have an email list before launch will be more effective to announce. To view the build number of an Exchange 2019 server, run the following command in the Exchange Management Shell. This will ensure that you have a good list of beta users waiting to test your product. Include share CTA’s in your email. If I could boil down the process of building a massive email list to just the most basic parts, I think it would look like this: Build an email list. For this launch, I literally sent an email the night before the cart closed, and asked a few business friends if they’d be willing to send an email to their list. While this has proven a hugely successful technique for some self-published authors, such as Mark Dawson, whose highly-regarded course helps other authors emulate When it comes to launching a bestselling book on Amazon, the biggest leverage an author can invest in is building a stellar book launch team. By the time you start coming up with product launch ideas, the ideal is to be already relating to professional affiliates. It should also include the creation of a pre-launch email list filled with contacts that have already expressed interest in buying your product, either through your Speaking of which, you need to start using email. Here are some examples of campaigns that built up a large pre-launch email list and their results: The Empire by William Painter. If you’ve been writing a well-read blog for years or have a robust email list, you already have permission. Build your email list The brand has confirmed that the coupon email will be going out to subscribers on Wednesday, so you’ll need to be signed up before then. For this reason, a landing page is a good idea, either on your website (if you already have one) or using a landing page service such as Leadpages or LaunchRock . Before You Build an Email Sequence… We feel a need here to cover the bases on a couple of important steps to take before you embark on creating your course launch email sequence. You must have a landing page to start gathering emails from followers. With properly executed email marketing activities, it’s possible to create long-lasting subscriber relationships built on trust. So in return, there needs to be something of value for them. Building an email list is STILL one of the smartest things you can do to start . The ad should drive to a landing page to collect email addresses and build your pre-launch email Use an existing audience – If you are an influencer in your niche, and you have an email list of people interested in your niche, you can launch your product to them (can be used in conjunction with promotions). Email your mailing list about the book launch to remind them that the book is available for sale now. No matter what industry you operate in, having a comprehensive pre-launch strategy designed to build hype and grow your list is a must if you want to get the ball before launch. how I told you to give away something to build your email list earlier int his article ? 13 May 2019 85 free email list building strategies you can use to build an email list fast. Build an email subscription form into the app. 10 Feb 2018 If you're a store-owner, the email list you build almost dictates how your competition - your potential visitors would love to have a pre-launch  30 Apr 2014 Side note: There are many ways in which you can build your email list. Here are 4 easy ways to build an email list before you launch. Your launch team will receive an early bird copy of the book, read through it, and write an honest review to be posted when the book is live. email leads might seem like setting up a torpedo missile for launch. (Unwilling) subscribers will start reporting spam, and your deliverability and sender reputation will be Implement a Yes/No pop-up before your subscription form. Yes you should start with a pre-launch pre-marketing campaign. It could be worth investing here depending on your goals. That’s too advanced; you can do that later once your idea takes off and it’s time to scale. Stop! Before you create ANY new product, you must do this before launching. You want to be ready to serve customers on day 1 (with little or no issues). The simple formula for growing a massive email list. The old tried-and-true method of guest posting can definitely work before you launch your main site to help build buzz for your brand, kindle relationships with website owners, and build your email list at the same time. I always send a pitch email the day before a big launch. Note: It can take 2-4 days for iTunes to show your podcast after you’ve submitted it. 99 could launch to your list at 99c for three days before you raise the price. In this post, I’m going to be highlighting a few ways that you can build up your email list prior to the launch of your Kickstarter campaign, which is a great way to ensure that you get enough backers on the first day of your campaign’s launch so that you rank more favorably in the Kickstarter search algorithm. Phase 4: Launch – Launch event on website with exciting imagery and Join my email list. Now I have an email marketing plan in place and my own products in the works. But to really have a successful product launch, you need to build a successful pre-launch marketing campaign. 3 Ways To Build An Audience BEFORE Launching Your Startup Jun 08 8 min read Community Building an audience BEFORE you launch is something that I’ve done for every one of my companies and is a question that I get asked about all of the time. In the nine month period leading up to the launch of Mint. I have been a beta tester for Mobile Optin since before version 1 came out last year. Our checklist shows everything you need to do before the launch date to ensure a success. This gives just enough time for the story to gain momentum and build hype before the launch. Here are a few ways that you can build real buzz before your product is released and avoid failing. Have a book launch party or event. This is awesome for blogs, too. Before you send out any emails, you have to figure out why you’re sending out the emails in the first place. Now you’re ready to launch your first email Starting a minimum of 3-6 months before you launch (unless if you have a large marketing budget to spend on Facebook advertising a few weeks before the campaign, and really know what you’re doing), you want to start building an email list. The typical goal of a marketplace’s marketing launch is to get customers (and providers) from your target segment onboard and facilitate as many transactions as possible during the first days. The Book Launch Sequence and Set-Up. Fans will, however, be getting a chance to try the product before the official launch, they need to complete a few steps beforehand. Let’s chat about how to prepare, plan and launch your first or next challenge! Challenges can be for any length of time (5 days, 7 days, 30 days, etc. Do your research. Today we are talking about launching your blog. Your email list is the key to successfully selling your course. Make it easier for your subscribers to share emails they like. It's simple, straightforward, but  9 Nov 2018 Before you launch your book, you'll want to learn how to build your email list. More importantly to a launch, it is literally the only way to directly contact your tribe and notify them of a new product. For the best results, you should send a series of three emails: Ready to start building your email list? Even if you don't have a website you can still use ConvertKit's Landing Pages to connect with your audience through email. This can be blog readers, product users, social media followers, etc. By using this definitive guide, you’ll know: How to build an email list full of targeted customers. Pre-bloggers often want to know how much work should they have done before launching their blog. An email list is a special list of names and email addresses of people who gave you permission to send them updates and promotions from your business. To start off they created a Pre-Launch campaign using UpViral. The ads Remember, sometimes you can plan and plan and plan and still have issues before, during, or after your launch. need to build an email list to make the launch of Plan to release an email once a week, but on the week of the launch, twice—once the day before and again on the day of the launch. But you haven’t done it – yet. Collect email addresses, Twitter handles, phone numbers, and other means of contact information in a single place. 99 and stagger your promotional efforts. to send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers before asking you to upgrade. One of the hottest topics in book promotion right now is the use of strategic Facebook advertising to build your author mailing list. Written by Mark Pecota . Discover 4 differents strategies & email templates to hack your crowdfunding campaign easily. Bonus points if you configure a Text-Me-The-App feature that you can easily switch on after the app is released. C – Run another UpViral campaign during launch. This should include influencers, advisors, and friends who will support you during launch day As they build their product, they keep aside some time to promote their launch page via email, social media, and other channels. Let’s assume you have already determined the marketing strategy. Let me be clear: I do mean an email list and not a social media following. Don’t let this list scare you — when it comes to learning how to launch a website, we’ve got the tools and resources to help you get your online venture up and running. I’m going to skip the fluff and get right into the conversation. 4 Ways To Build Your Email List Today (Without Spending Time Learning New Tactics) When I first started out in the online business and blogging world, I tried every tactic I could get my hands on to try to gain more traffic and build my email list. Build an email list in advance of building your product. Think of the launch checklist as encompassing everything outside of the product plan and product development. Check Performance. Of course, don’t spam them — but a couple of carefully crafted emails before and on your launch can help build your first audience. Email is an excellent channel for this technique because it allows you to follow up with your list at specific intervals. Meaning, you don't have to finish your ebook before you start the  Learn how to build your own email list from scratch in this detailed post from imFORZA. In this short video we show you how to create a Landing Page, add a content upgrade, and then share the link with your fans! Before You Launch. Use the energy from the launch to acquire even new patrons. You can require an email address from each participant to build your email list. However, it’s not an Offer email, so restrain from including too much information about the new product. There are a few simple steps you need to get up and running with email collection. You can build up your email list by promoting your pre-launch page within your community and get them excited about your upcoming campaign launch – people love to be the first to know! If you know that you are going to launch something big in 2019, make sure you try these 4 pre-launch marketing strategies! 1. You've probably heard this many times,   27 Aug 2018 Learn how to start an email list with this step-by-step tutorial! Before we get into the meat of the tutorial here, a couple of things: This approach will help you craft effective emails, build trust, and remember to treat your list  #25 – Give away products to build your list Before trying this, you should consider whether this that the moment when they launch their own product is the moment when their list skyrockets. You can offer updates for subscribing and send your entire email list your game’s pre-registration link. Now, however, we are faced with the challenge of storing and using the email addresses collected, which leads us to one of the major drawbacks of Launchrock. you will already have data The Launch Campaign 06/19/2019. (For more ideas for how you can build and grow your email list, go read the 3 ways to build your list. I do not want this to happen to you. 11. The day you launch your startup is a monumental day. 0 Review & Members Area Walkthrough (2019)” The right Facebook quiz can easily go viral so consider using it to promote your product launch. It can save you a load of heartache and sleepless nights if something happens to your site after launch. Then I set up a simple website to give people a way to continue to pre-order. 10 Ways to Build an Effective Email List. Are these supporters friends, fans, family, VIPs, industry contacts? Breaking the list up into groups will make it easier to craft and send tailored messaging later on. If you don’t have a list yet, start building one with Mailchimp, Mailerlite or Convertkit. Once you have a Founders List, it’s important to provide something of value to them. Try building an  2 Jul 2018 Learn high-quality strategies to build an email list from scratch. These users will test the incomplete product, offering you feedback so that you can make it better before it’s officially launched – Think Pokémon Go! Don’t forget to reward for their time. The way I build most of my off-Amazon lists is through contests through social media, specifically Facebook. I just added the following checklist to the Email Marketer's Club Wiki. A Facebook page, group, or an email listing can help you advertise your website to the right people. B – Leverage that list once the product went live. The pre-launch  You can also build a sub-set of that list, people who read your book before launch and are ready with reviews when it goes on sale. 19. How big of an email list is needed from my pre-launch build up? I am working on a project that is basically a foam version of a yard game, so that it can be played indoors during rainy weather or during the winter. Your customer list is your most valuable asset. Email marketing is a high-impact, low-cost way of delivering your marketing message to current customers and prospects — if, that is, you have a great email list. I have been through the product to market cycle many times and worked with hundreds of startups. One of the simplest ways to do this is to build hype, then funnel that hype into a pre-launch list . For effective list building, you need to know the answer to three key  4 Ways To Build Your Email List Today (Without Spending Time Learning New Tactics) weeks ago about what we wish we'd known before starting our businesses, But to understand how to pull off a launch, you need to know exactly how  14 Feb 2019 If you haven't got the faintest idea of how to build an email list, or you've tried You may want to run ads for your survey before you ever start. You can also listen the Podcast I did on running a Facebook contests for a more thorough guide on running these contests. You messed up, that’s what. Learn the two big things you need and how to get started! It’s important to give your audience details about your upcoming website and what it will feature, but be sure to leave out some important information to build curiosity in your email list. For example: An outdoor play startup was sending weekly newsletters to the waitlist with manually curated suggestions of things to do outside with your kids over each weekend. Before you send out your survey to gather responses, review these tutorials to ensure that your survey is a success. the link for this post before I sent out Of course, these emails are completely flexible. 7 proactive ways to jump-start your SEO before a site launch About to launch a new website? You may think you can't do SEO until the site is live, but columnist John Lincoln reminds us that there Before we dig into how to launch an online course with a small list, let’s start with what can get in the way of actually putting into motion the steps I am about to share: Fear. Reach out to your database of customers through E-mail Marketing announcing the launch & its new features. 29 Nov 2018 Learn why starting an email list is key to building business, how to get up (or maybe even before), it's time to start getting people to sign up. in your content before you present them with a request for their emails. Before you start to build a product launch page with Elementor, your first step is to actually, well, install the free version of Elementor. Day 7. Before ConvertKit, this is what my launch strategy looked like for a new course: As a product manager, you need to capture and track every piece of work — across all teams — that needs to be done before launch day. An email list is still one of the best marketing tools for entrepreneurs and if you don’t have one, it’s time to start building one! Build Your Community and Email List. You are now ready to launch your product presale. Have you set up an email collection system to build the email list for the site? If there is no method in which visitors to your site can request updates or to be informed of what is happening, you need to immediately build out this funnel before launching. I'm sure I've missed stuff, so feel free to help build a thorough checklist here. When you have a growing list of subscribers who already know, like and trust you, it’s easier to do the following: Drive traffic to your latest blog posts. I want to prevent the project from compiling when I run an Ant task, how is this done? Eclipse build setting is not automatic but the build still remains running before any ant task be launched. Before L2LL, I was hesitant why I would need an email list as a service based business (and not really knowing exactly what I would be sending or how I would be able to serve an email list. Two parting tips: a. I will cut to the chase on my bonus for buying through my link above. This doesn’t have to be a list of buyers. We want to see what people have created this is sent to everyone no matter whether they thought or not. Build a pre-launch page with an email sign-up form. We find that it plays a critical role in raising the first 30% of your funding goal from your Host Committee (see below) before you officially launch your campaign. You’ll reach out to your inner circle (family and close friends) to let them know you just launched a Patreon page and see if they have any feedback about your page, rewards, video, etc. Post a cover reveal. Building an email list is one of most important thing you can do to prepare to launch your first Private Label with product with Amazon FBA, before you sell a course, or before you launch any How to build an email list How many email addresses should I have before launch? We recommend that you try to raise 30% of your goal in the first 48 hours of your campaign. Harry’s did this perfectly by building a viral landing page solution that allowed users to refer friends in exchange for free products. Regardless of your course topic, there are two main stages for pre-launching an online course: growing your email list and creating promotional “teaser” course  Where Do You Start With Building An Email List? Section 1 of this guide we'll talk all about the nuts and bolts of starting to build your email list, but before that,   13 Oct 2014 If you haven't yet started building an email list (but know you need to), this article is for you. I asked “What’s your #1 book launch or book marketing tip?” Here are the answers from two dozen authors. But if you wait till the holidays to start growing your email list, you'll already be too late. You can use it for email list building and give merchandise, like stickers, t-shirts, etc. You can collect the email addresses of the people who visit your landing page and slowly build your email list. 10 Tips To Boost Your Startup’s Pre-Launch Campaign. So, what strategies have worked for you? Leave a comment and let me know if I’ve missed anything. What is Inbox Blueprint? Inbox Blueprint (IB) is an email marketing course, that teaches you the importance of email marketing and how to build an email list of subscribers by creating an opt-in page and driving traffic to that opt-in page. json files are created by Visual Studio on an as-needed basis when you choose either Configure Tasks or Debug and Launch Settings on a file or folder in Solution Explorer. 5 steps to take before a new product launch. All of the marketing strategies found in this definitive checklist will work for your launch, whether you’re selling dog collars or a dating service. Your pre-launch sequence is a series of emails you're going to be sending out before you  And I had failed to do so by neglecting to build an email list where I could nurture a real . I send a message to everyone who has subscribed to my email list—a short intro followed by a link to my new blog post. There are hundreds of variables that make return on investment (ROI) different for every brand, but overall, email marketing is still one of the highest-ROI marketing strategies you can pursue. Before launching your website, take a few moments to test all the forms on your website to ensure they are configured correctly and being sent to the correct email address. But a launch Key takeaway: if you want your business to grow, it’s tough to find an activity with higher ROI than building a sales funnel. Use your pre-launch landing page to spark conversations with potential customers and to begin gathering feedback. To launch your business on Instagram successfully, you’ll want to start by building some buzz before you’re live! A Color Story was announced on their blog and Instagram about a week and a half before the actual app launch, which created anticipation and excitement among their followers. But before you start emailing your new subscribers, let's make sure  28 Dec 2015 Building an email list is the single best way to communicate with your audience, period. Of course, you understand why it’s good advice. Launch a product but nobody came to your party? Find out how to build a pre-launch email list so your product launch will take-off! Want to Explode Your Email List and Get 10,000+ Subscribers? Join Our FREE VIP Waitlist! Booming Email List, Pre-Launch, No Website Needed. Build a landing page and then use your audience, one-on-one conversations, ads, podcast interviews, and anything else you can to drive qualified traffic to that page. But don’t do anything fancy like start a blog or build an email list. Finally, in your final days/weeks of your prelaunch, begin to build extra momentum for your official launch. com, Noah built a contact database with the top 25 most influential finance bloggers. Let’s dive in! Steve Scott, author of The Miracle Morning for Writers. Step 4: Build Momentum When You Launch. Reach out to your tribe in your email list and those who will be thrilled with what you’re doing and want to You get these readers on an email list and strengthen this relationship. While you may be tempted to email everyone on your list about your product launch, chances are it won’t be a fit for everyone. Get the FREE checklist to help you grow an email list before launching your You can create pre-written text that they can copy and paste to share via their  10 Mar 2016 Launch a product but nobody came to your party? Find out how to build a pre- launch email list so your product launch will take-off! 3 Jun 2018 It's a paradox many new business owners face: You're supposed to start building your email list before you launch, but how can you attract  In the event that you've been doing business for some time, you've likely developed an a significant long email list. The sole purpose of sending follow up emails or newsletters to your audience is to build strong relationship with them, promote your products, and get new customers – since they’ve indicated interested in your offer by subscribing to your list NASA has committed to buying up to 10 new Space Launch System core stages for launches to the Moon in preparation for missions to Mars. Launch days are exciting. Your list might be in your head or on paper or buried in an Excel file on an old, dusty desktop. Why not? When you have a landing page that is up to generate email leads, it's important to remember that you're asking someone for their info. Build a launch team. should take before trying to implement a single list-building tactic. Once again, the email regarding your free sample of the new FullBlitz flavor is Growing an email list is one of the most important aspects of a successful blog. If you need to build your email marketing list in this age of mobile users, you really need to check out Mobile Optin 2. Do you want to add 3 anticipation or closing emails? This has all been done, and you can mix and match and layer each of these emails to create your own online email launch sequence. The best campaigns we've seen actually work with their wait list to help solve their problems before launch. If it does, send an email out to your list letting them know what’s Start marketing your store before it launches so you’ll have customers to sell to immediately when you launch. You can build your email list inside a marketing software and send bulk email notifications to everyone regarding your blog updates, online store, or other business services. Create assets like images, clips, and shareable quotes. Maybe it’s the product that appeals to my geeky “to do list” type personality, but I emotionally appreciate this simple pre-launch page. I want potential customers to have all the information they need to make a decision the day before they have an opportunity to buy. You launch the book for a low price (usually for $0. My #1 tip is to launch at $0. And later when they are nearing their launch or are trying to find their path to growth, what they are severely lacking is an audience, which they failed to build long before the launch. [Case Study] How to Launch to 575 People Over the next 30 days I stayed in contact with my customers who pre-ordered the course and posted regular updates in the Facebook group. This is our favorite part. See? Even if you don’t have a blog and even if you haven’t launched anything yet, you can still grow your email list. 1 Dec 2016 Building an email list from scratch might be less daunting than you think: Mobile users engage with more emails than ever before: while you're you can start with paid traffic and depend on the merits of your marketing to  11 Dec 2017 How to Start Building an Email List in WordPress the MailChimp dashboard to change a list or create a new list before moving forward, simply  16 Feb 2015 That's why you need to start an email list, grow it, and optimize it for your . More How To Build Your Off-Amazon Email List and Audience and Validate Product Ideas. Before I figured out how to market and sell products I had plenty of failures, but once I started to perfect this system for launching, (almost) all of my launches have been a big success. Make it EASY to join the list. Phase 3: Pre-launch – Open up pre-orders with early access pricing – Send pre-launch email to mailing list audience offering discounted pre-order pricing – Publish more SEO-optimized content to continue building awareness – Final push with social media before launch. It’s time for you to get your work out there into the world! Whether you’re all ready to launch and just need some strategy to help to pull it off, or if you need a full membership site and help to build your email list before releasing your new thing into the world – we can help. Sales roll in. That’s why you want to make sure that your website stands out and shines from the very beginning. Build an email list months before you launch. When you Pre-Order one of the Forge Packages, you help push this product closer to production. Also, don’t forget to create another email for a week after the launch where you thank your subscribers for making it (fingers crossed) a success. Write an email to your newsletter subscribers or friends about why you decided to launch a Patreon page. Design one that ask questions that are both fun and related to your product. We regularly hit up our list for surveys about what they do at work and with offers to beta test prototypes for free. A website platform, also known as a content management system, allows you to build a website without writing all of the code yourself. Building an email list is STILL one of the smartest things you can do to start – and grow – your business. What you do in the months leading up to it will determine In the context of building an email list though, a huge reason to launch your own site is to be able to use SumoMe. You increase the book price to $2. With the prominence of social media, email is often overlooked. Then, on launch day, I send a simple announcement email. 5 Myths About Email Marketing for Authors timeline and checklist I use to launch New York Times and Wall thing every author should do is build an email list. Here’s how to use it effectively to support your product launch: Build a list of active, interested subscribers. While these are not super effective at acquiring new email addresses, they are great at raising awareness about your campaign. It’s sure to be something you have shed blood, sweat, and tears working towards. The most obvious option is to simply use the email list you built before launching. A crucial aspect of the product launch process is to get your target audience to warm up before the launch. Launch day 7. You’re sure to get a great ROI on the time that you spend building your email list. It’s always preferable if you can start to build an email list early of those who are interested in your app. When my subscribers come to that blog post, they’ll see links that help them share it on social media. Learn the two big things you need and how to get started! But before you jump for joy, there is one major hurdle — building a high-quality email list. Well, when a visitor comes to your site — before signing up for your email list or  27 Feb 2019 So an email list can start building that connection between you, your blog Yes, before you commit to using ConvertKit, you can try it out for an  Building and Nurturing a Customer Email List Prior to a Product Launch. how to build an email list before launch

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